Application Processing in Financial Services

One of the most exciting aspects of working with Decisions is how many different business contexts I’m able to learn throughout each day. A common context I’ve found among thousands of interactions with customers and potential customers is application pick up and processing in india . Specifically application processing in financial services.

This problem domain typically includes many regulatory requirements, verification processes with a lot of business logic and data from external systems, and points in the process where a person needs to make some type of decision. These attributes create a perfect storm for a platform like Decisions, especially as all of this business logic evolves over time and where there are real dollars tied to process optimization.

Regulatory Logic and Automatic Audit Trail

One of the most common sources of definition for these types of processes comes from external regulatory requirements. This could be around how data is treated at rest or in transit. This could also be something more impactful to the actual business  application pick up and processing in india around who can see what data on a given form, or what types of rules you need in place to enforce compliant decision making for both user level interactions and engine only decisions.

Decisions provides a facility for all of these requirements. Decisions can keep a complete audit record of all engine level and user interaction level activity along the way. This audit data is also accessible by our reporting tools for easy to interpret views for auditors to use as needed, or to export and store on any given period.

Decisions also provides a great deal of configurability around adding more mechanisms for regulatory compliance. This could include data access controls, or what a user is allowed to change in a workflow or a rule.

Another common scenario is preparing for regulatory updates. Decisions provides date oriented settings for rules that can be developed and tested prior to the go live date and deployed ahead of time with a timer that will enforce the new logic at a specified date and time.

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