What are the Services Offered by a Top BPO Company in India?

India takes immense pride in being the favoured market of the world for BPO companies, among other competitors, including China, Ireland, Australia and Philippines. A top BPO company in India will outsource allows the organization to focus not only on promoting a brand, but investing in R&D (Research and Development).


What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?


BPO, an acronym for the words Business Process Outsourcing company, is the outsourcing in every field. A service provider dealing with BPO usually manages a specific business for another organization. BPO implements a new technology or use existing technology in an innovative way to boost a business process.


Following are the services offered by a top Indian BPO company:


  1. Technical Support Services – These services include troubleshooting, running support, installation, product support and many more.


  1. IT Help Desk – These consist of technical problem resolution, system problem resolution, level 1 and 2 multi-channel support, carrying out remote diagnostics etc.


  1. Customer Support Services – These include around the clock (24*7) inbound or outbound call center services that handle the diverse queries of the customers, and other concerns via phone, email or chat.


  1. Telemarketing Services – These are one of the services provided by a top Indian BPO company in India. They initiate creating interest for the products or services of the customers, aside from communicating with prospective customers.


  1. Data Entry and Data Processing – These services comprise data entry from vital things such as websites, books, paper, e-books, images, bills, receipts, printed documents, mailing lists, catalogs and so on.


No doubt Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is India’s rapidly booming segment of the ITES industry. There are several various factors that have led to the development of the BPO industry in India. These include cost advantage, business risk reduction, the economy of scale and many more.





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